Are You Struggling in Your Relationship?

Signs You Need to See a Marriage Counselor

Being in any relationship requires effort. It takes commitment and effort on the part of both parties to make a relationship last. As you grow and change over the years, your relationship also changes. That means you will have to also change how you interact with each other. Having regular therapy sessions with a marriage counselor can help you strengthen your relationship and help you learn how to deal with your partner. Below are some signs that indicate you need professional help: Read more

Fostering a Harmonious Family Unit

Seeking Help from a Family Counselor

The family is the backbone of society. It is a unit that is there to help mold you into the person you grow up to be. Every family has its own struggles and challenges.  A family counselor can guide your family through a tough period. Open communication is the key to a happy family life, and below are some reasons you should seek the help of a therapist: Read more

Co-Occurring Disorders in Teenagers

How a Family Counselor Can Help an Adolescent Overcome Teenage-Related Problems

Alcohol and drug abuse is a serious issue for many teenagers in the States. However, many people don’t realize that alcohol and teenage addiction are often accompanied by a mental health condition, such as bipolar disorder, post traumatic stress disorder, or depression. In most cases, these problems are all combined together, and it’s something that a family counselor would call co-occurring disorders.

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