Are You Struggling in Your Relationship?

Signs You Need to See a Marriage Counselor

Being in any relationship requires effort. It takes commitment and effort on the part of both parties to make a relationship last. As you grow and change over the years, your relationship also changes. That means you will have to also change how you interact with each other. Having regular therapy sessions with a marriage counselor can help you strengthen your relationship and help you learn how to deal with your partner. Below are some signs that indicate you need professional help:

You and your partner are not talking

Fights can happen. This is a natural part of any relationship, but if you have noticed that you and your partner aren’t communicating anymore, that is a huge problem. Perhaps you are communicating, but it is all negative. The key to a healthy relationship is proper communication. Working with a marriage counselor can help you get back on track to communicating in a non-negative way.

You see your partner as the bad guy

A marriage is a partnership. It’s about teamwork. That means you and your partner are on the same side. When you feel like you are enemies and not teammates, it’s time to seek help.

You fantasize about having an affair

If you are thinking about having an affair or you’re currently engaged in one, that’s a sign that you are looking for something other than what you have. Therapy can help you refocus and commit to your marriage, and it can also help you decide whether you want to salvage your relationship or move on.

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