Alcohol Assessments

Addictions hurt not only the person abusing alcohol or drugs but also their loved ones and everyone involved in their lives. Addictions are devastating to the lives they effect. The addicted person may be in absolute denial, feeling that they don’t have a problem, or that individual may feel totally helpless, and with each repeated act of the abuse, his or her self-respect falls lower and lower. Addicts lose touch with reality and their relationships in life fall apart. They often suffer from multiple other unresolved problems and life traumas. One such addiction is alcohol, and it can reflect over all aspects of your live. So, are you a risky drinker? If you need a professional, attentive and safe environment to address your issue you should contact Affiliated Nevada Counselors. We provide fast and reliable alcohol assessments in Las Vegas NV. Our counselors can help you work out if your drinking levels are posing a risk to your health and your life. We will suggest actions you may consider taking.

Alcohol assessmentsBare in mind that anyone who is convicted of operating machinery while intoxicated or a drug related offense is expected to contact the approved assessment facility such as Affiliated Nevada Counselors within 72 hours of conviction. We are committed to improving the quality of life in our community by promoting growth and recovery. We strive to create an atmosphere where respect, dignity and equality are commonplace, thus contributing to your recovery. We promote the nonviolence philosophy and strive to its further development through validated methods of research, training, as well as intervention. Our drug addiction, family counselor as well as marriage counselor strive to provide you with the best treatment, alcohol assessment and counseling service available.

We suggest that driver safety plans for alcohol/drug related convictions are rehabilitation or education programs based on findings. For example, when our assessor identifies drivers as:

Irresponsible Users – they are typically sent to a Group Dynamics-Traffic Safety program

Irresponsible Users-Borderline – they are typically offered a combination of short-term, outpatient counseling and education

Suspected Chemical Dependent – they are typically sent to outpatient treatment programs

Chemically Dependent– they are generally sent to intensive outpatient or inpatient treatment programs

Your confidentiality and privacy is assured, personal information about you is not collected and your responses to the questions are only used in determining the alcohol assessments in Las Vegas NV. Your assessor will not share information with any person outside our agency except, of course, the report submitted to DMV, without your written permission.